Saturday, April 27, 2013

I recently finished 2 chemo quilts for friends that are currently going through chemo therapy.     

This quilt is called "Box of Chocolates" and I absolutely love it!!    I started it last year and then put it aside.   When my friend Molly was diagnosed with colon cancer 2 months ago, I was looking for a quilt to make.   I made one and really was not happy with it.  My husband asked if there was something else I could make and I remembered this quilt was sitting in pieces.   I had fresh resolve to finish it and I am so glad that I did! 

This quilt was made with some bright jelly roll strips in a pattern called "Picnic Quilt".  It came out bright, great and colorful!   My friend from church was diagnosed with ovarian cancer last year and it currently going through her second round of chemo.   She was so surprised and appreciative.

I wanted to post  some picture of the quilts that I put in the Swan Lake Quilt Show.   These three are ones that I made this year.    I also put in my Orange Peel Applique Quilt that I made last year.    It was my first experience putting quilts in a show and volunteering.    I enjoyed it, it was stressful, but still enjoyable.