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Welcome to my blog.    I'm very new at this blogging thing, though I have certainly enjoyed reading other quilting blogs for a awhile.   I  have been a quilter on and off for over 15 years on my trusty Bernina 1008.

My name is McGill Ullrey, yes, you read that correctly.   Here in the South is it common to name your children after long dead relatives like Jim Bob and Tammy Sue and Roger Mae.    I was named after my Granddad's mother, Grace McGill.  I felt it my duty to pass on some of that traditional and gave my 3 daughters middle names after dead family members too!   

I am an Air Force brat married to another Air Force brat, which works out well!  My husband, John works as a contractor for the Air Force, but he is not in the military.   His favorite hobby is paragliding.    Don't get me started on that topic....  The Lord has blessed us with 3 daughters.    They are an interesting bunch that keep us on our toes:   Kieran (10 yrs), Devaney (8 yrs) and Brenna (6 yrs).   I am very fortunate to be able to be a stay at home Mom that Homeschools.   Somehow during my busy week I try to find time to sew, read, and watch Bollywood movies.     We only have a pet fish due to allergies, but the girls keep begging for a kitten.

picking strawberries!  April 2012

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