Thursday, April 12, 2012

Gee my first post..

Hmm.  Well today I set up my blog.   It was kinda fun, but intimidating.  I'll just see how it goes.

I wanted to say that I think I have been struggling with my "Quilting Identity" for the last year or so.   "What on earth is that?", you may rightly query.    Perhaps I should call it my style of quilting.    I have been reading lots of Modern Quilter blogs and admiring their spectacular work and creativity.  Those bright color palettes really catch my eye.  Yet I was taught to quilt by a traditional quilter and those patterns and colors are comforting and familiar.   I recently joined a quilting guild in the small town that I live in; most of those ladies are hovering around retirement age and don't like computers so much. Sometimes I feel like I am trying to exists in two very different worlds.   I have a great love for Moda fabrics (and the Bake Shop) but I can appreciate the vibrancy of fabrics from Free Spirit, and Art Gallery too.  Bonnie Hunter is my all time favorite blog out there.  I love her quilts, her sense of humor and philosophy of  "use all that fabric"!  But I can't wait to see what "Cluck, Cluck, Sew" and "Crazy Mom Quilts" is up to.    

I finally tried my hand at my first modern quilt with lots of sashing and I hate it.  The original pattern is great, but the fabric I used was a FQ bundle that I had for years, the palette was warm in stead of cool like Film in Fridge's original quilt.  I felt like I had epic failure.

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