Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wanted to post the latest quilts I've completed.   My brother and his wife became foster parents to a little girl and a baby boy.   I made them quilts.  Charming Stars for Jackson and the Lavender Bears for Selah.

Once again my awful skills at taking photos betray me.   In the Lavendar Bear/chain quilt, I think my color choice was a bit too jaring.  Oh well, the little girl won't mind.   I also made "The Yellow Brick Road" pattern by Atkins design as a charity quilt.    I felt like I learned some valuable lessons about color from this quilt.  I definitely messed up and did not get enough contrast in the fabrics I chose.

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  1. I love these quilts and I'm sure the children will find them super comforting and cozy. What a thoughtful way to welcome them and provide them with some much needed love. The lavender chain is my favorite!